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Great reviews for “Opening Night!”

“Opening Night” is 3 weeks into it’s run, and is enjoying a 95% Sweet rating on Bitter Lemons!  Here are some quotes:


“The performances are all impeccable and every line is a comic gem…Keitel is terrific as the enthusiastic gofer, eager to get a foothold in the theatre.”

-Ingrid Wilmot, Will Call


“Wow!  Opening Night mayhem at a second-rate Canadian theater makes for first-rate crowd-pleasing fun as Beverly Hills’ Theatre 40 presents the West Coast premiere of Norm Foster’s hilarious—and surprisingly touching—Opening Night…Attractive young newcomers Keitel and Kulinska make their charismatic mark”

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA


“The show beamed with brilliance… from the direction, acting, and writing. Even the set decorators were deserving of applause, proving yet again, what Theatre Forty, Beverly Hills, is most well known for: putting on a stellar production.”

-Bonnie Priever, LA Examiner


“I laughed until my sides hurt in this solid character driven comedy.”

-Audrey Linden, LA Examiner

A good start for April!

I have been cast for the role of Tom Delaney in “Opening Night” at Theatre 40, running May 16th – June 16th, directed by the talented, Bruce Gray! Also, I’m on avail this week for a Nature Conservancy PSA.  Fingers crossed!

Great review!

Hey folks! Here is an excerpt from a fantastic review I received recently for my performance in Wicked Lit!  This wasn’t written by my mother, I swear!

“Eric Keitel, portraying Gabriel, steals the spotlight of the evening as the most intelligent, interesting, capable, and dedicated performer of the entire experience. A young actor I as a director would be most interested in casting in one of my own productions, Keitel proves he has the passion, dedication, and understanding of the art of acting that will propel him to stardom with the assistance of the right projects and quality direction.”

-Randall Gray, The California Theatre Critic

You can read the full review here